Saving The Institution Of Medicine Is As Easy As Pie: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

life is all about the pie. pie graphs are used for budgeting. a pie designates the totality of the amount of money available. using a pie to create a budget allows for one to appreciate the concept of money being a limited resource. a bigger piece of pie for one thing means a small piece of pie for other things. clothing, housing, food, education, medical costs and entertainment, are common items that are provided a slice for families and individuals.

governments and businesses have their own pies and expenditures. families, individuals, governments, and businesses all have medical expenditure costs. as such, there is always the concern to to the size of the slice that medical expenditures take. medical costs have inflationary drivers such as i.e. new medicines, technology, increased life spans, that increase medical costs. another driver is medical experts who fail to appreciate that effective low cost treatments. an example of such a medical expert is dr. anthony fauci.

dr. fauci, early on in the pandemic, in 2020, talked about vitamin d, a low cost vitamin, as something to be used to address the covid-19 pandemic. perhaps, the low cost of the vitamin did not give him the impetus to drum the beat for vitamin d. instead, he focused on more expensive and profitable drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. in 2020, dr. fauci, it is reported “while dr. anthony fauci admits most “so-called immune boosting” supplements being marketed amid covid-19 mostly do “nothing,” he does believe in the benefits of vitamin d. “if you are deficient in vitamin d, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. so i would not mind recommending, and i do it myself taking vitamin d supplements,” fauci, 79, said during an Instagram Live on sept. 10.” his statement was in 2020. (9/26/20)

why did dr. fauci abandon a message for vitamin d usage and rather drum beat for vaccinations, boosters, and paxlovid? while has he been missing in action on promoting vitamin d? was he concerned that he and his agency would have their bigger piece of the pie jeopardized by offering a low cost solution?

the recent study from israel and russia again reveals how the medical leadership in the united states is not working on the goal of containing medical costs by using cheap effective means of treatment. the study noted “a growing body of evidence supports the safety and beneficial effects of vitamin d supplementation to fight COVID-19 disease, reducing disease incidence, severity, and mortality among those with suboptimal levels.” borba v, shoenfeld y. vitamin d and immune system function in pPatients with COVID-19. Isr Med Assoc J. 2022 Jul;24(7):439-440. PMID: 35819209.

in sum, medical care budget’s must highly scrutinized with respect for cost and effectiveness. there is grave concern that the budget is squandered by both irresponsible medical practice as well as corruption. the field of medicine’s actions towards addressing covid-19, has been an abject failure and disgrace. the proof of this assertion is that many articles being published by brave researchers who have come forward to tell the truth. a truth that does not fit those who seek to unnecessarily make the health care pie larger. if this problem is not addressed, the availability of effective medical treatment will be gravely diminished for all in need.

be well!!

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