A Dog Day Afternoon In Los Angeles: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

two dogs, two neighborhoods, two tragedies, and two moral dilemmas.

last week, los angeles was car accident central. there was the horrible taking of lives in an inferno of a car accident on la brea. there was also the reportedly drunk and out of control driver on walgrove who crashed her car into a house going at excessive speeds. in the walgrove incident, it is reported that the two dogs were present at the house when the car crashed. they, the lucky ones, were not injured. perhaps, cats are not the ones with nine lives.

my heart goes out to these victims in a unique way. absent court closures, both la brea and walgrove were streets i frequent. i am all too familiar with the sights of both of these accidents. i could have easily have been at either location. in fact, my mother actually checked up on me to see if i was ok. since then, i have spoken to others who have shared also that they had intended on going through the la brea intersection the day of the accident.

the la brea accident involved the taking of the lives of six people including a pregnant mother, her child, and her future child. the walgrove incident led to the destruction of a woman’s home and her possessions. the walgrove accident require the involvement of almost 60 firefighters to put out the fire and save the driver’s life. dailymail.com one must wonder if other individuals were deprived of prompt and possibly life saving services while safety officers were attending to the walgrove accident.

these two instances are both tragic morality plays. both instances are examples of “toxic entitlement.” it is reported that both drivers allegedly were intoxicated and were having “emotional” life moments. both drivers, rather than dealing “their issues,” in a non-destructive manner, decided to get behind the wheel of vehicle capable of doing harm to innocents. these individuals apparently believed that they could work out their angsts with some high speed therapy. the cost of their “toxic entitlement? the loss of lives, an unborn life, and property.

a sad part of these accidents was media coverage. the individual who struck the house on walgrove was an actress. much of the media attention focused upon her as if she was a victim. this actress was fortunate that she did not kill others. walgrove had a number of schools. she is lucky that she did not kill any children.

in sum, there tragic stories offer another chapter of how “toxic entitlement” is impacting our society’s morality. likewise, the media, in part, is complicit “toxic entitlement” in that their interest do not solely relate to a kind and good society. rather, their need for clicks outweigh societal needs.

be well!!

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