A Latte Problems: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

rules exist for a reason

ally carter

progressive individuals and institutions embrace the belief that human beings are innately good. with innate goodness, who needs rules? starbucks coffee company decided to open their stores’ bathrooms to all comers. the results of such action were predictable for those who understand human nature. many humans take advantage of kindness.

public businesses providing bathroom access is wonderful thing. it is a godsend for those with medical conditions requiring ready access to a restroom. i have taken advantage of this access. often, in appreciation, i make a purchase in the store to support them. after using, i make sure to throw the papers in the garbage and not leave it a mess.

open access to homeless, however, is a recipe for disaster. a significant segment of homeless individuals consists of those who don’t like to follow rules, don’t respect others, and don’t respect other’s surroundings. for some, these qualities are why they are in fact homeless. these individuals, given the opportunity, they will take advantage of situations and reek havoc.

it may be a surprise to some that there are a number of homeless who have places to stay. their attitude and conduct, however, prevent that from occurring. i recall an instance i had assisting one of my homeless clients. after she passed away, i had the opportunity to speak with her mother. her mother indicated that her daughter, my client, was always welcome to stay at her home for free. there was one condition, however. no alcohol. my client could not accept this limitation. she would rather be homeless than give up her alcohol addiction. during my representation, on a variety of occasions, i arranged for hotel rooms for her. many times i would get calls from the hotel managers that they were kicking her out for alcohol and partying. sadly, she ended up dying on the streets.

starbucks, with their ruleless invitation to the homeless, according to the new york post, encountered many disturbing activities at a new york location. in the article, a customer indicated ““starbucks got too woke too fast,” said java joint regular konstantin dobryakov. “now some customers are too scared to go in because you’ve got a bunch of homeless people sleeping in there. they got to be ready to kick people out and not give everyone a free cup of coffee. you give them a finger and they’ll take a hand.” also, it was reported that
there’s also the foul odor and garbage build up at the location — newspapers, food wrappers and empty coffee cups litter the indoor patio. “nothing like the smell of bo and urine with your morning coffee.” there are more examples described in the article.

the reality is that those who claim the mantle of progressivism fail to appreciate that the real and true progressivism occurred thousands of years ago at mt. sinai. it was a moment in which an entire nation were present to hear the rules and regulations that were required of them to create a just, caring, and compassionate society that was respectful. the ten commandments was in fact and remains the true revolution for the betterment of humanity. starbucks’ approach was in fact regressive. it was an invitation for lawlessness, rudeness and disrespect. it was an invitation to return to the time before there was the rule of law.

in sum, this post raises an important question. will starbucks impose rules upon those who use their restrooms and facilities? or, will starbucks simply close stores in locations where these individuals reside?

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