The Tragedy When A Comedy Becomes Reality: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the seinfeld television show’s greatness was that it took three characters with little redeeming value and made their petty antics comedy. the show, “about nothing,” featured disputes involving proprietors of frozen yogurt, roasted chicken, and chinese food. most famously, there was the “soup nazi” episode. in the fantasy world, seinfeld characters, jerry, george, elaine and kramer went on create havoc.

a seinfeld-like episode happened in reality. a reported “duck sauce” dispute with a chinese restaurant erupted in new york city. a customer declared war on he restaurant’s staff. seinfeld writers, with their imaginations, could have spun many laughs over this conflict. in the real world, however, there disputes are not played out for laughs. rather, tears.

tragically, the man, in the reported dispute with the “duck sauce,” addressed his real world discontent apparently in a violent fashion. in the end, he was labeled the “duck sauce killer.” he was alleged to have killed a beloved worker and family man who was the restaurant’s delivery driver. he compounded his crime by alleged placing weapons at his wife’s residence which resulted in her having legal trouble. facing charges and being prosecuted, the “duck sauce killer” took his own life. the news reports have pictures showing that he was a hoarder. it is also alleged that his refrigerator full of “duck sauce” and other condiments.

reality, for the most part, is no place to play out fantasy.

our entertainment can use fantasy and imagination to distort reality. entertainment is not concerned with world realities. the television “smallville” is a prime example. “smallville,” a superman show, frequently used head traumas as a means of protecting clark kent’s secret identity. people becoming aware of clark kent’s , aka superman, powers often suffered head injuries with memory loss to preserve the show’s theme. tvguide. in the fantasy show, it became a running gag. in reality, if those characters were real, the repeated head traumas would likely have produced serious medical conditions. multiple concussions are not healthy. successive head trauma should be avoided. football players with too many concussions often retire. one watching the show and having little knowledge of medicine would likely get the wrong message about traumatic brain injuries.

likewise, as the “duck sauce” dispute played out in real time, there were no talented writers to make the condiment conflict funny and produce a happy ending. rather, it was allegedly a man, unhinged and likely with a lot of deep dark and not properly treated mental issues, who got out a gun and did the unthinkable. he killed an innocent person. an act that cannot be taken back. the reality left is a widow and children who will never see there father. they will live with the real legacy of this individual’s acts.

this story is a reminder of reality. all of us, from time to time, need to look in the mirror and see the reflection. the “duck sauce killer, ” an apparent hoarder, had a lot of emotional work to do in his personal life. he needed to take time to find a positive way to address his many problems. he needed to seek help. perhaps, his alleged unforgiveable acts constituted an attempt to deflect himself from his personal deficit. had he been able to step out of his skin, he could have acted in a positive fashion.

along with mirrors, there is also the bible. the bible offers many verses to that offer wisdom and meaning as to what is and what should be inside of yourself. the “duck sauce killer” may have benefits from reading about cain and abel. he may have benefits from a reading of the ten commandments. this would have been better for him than spending time in the fantasy world.

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