“Misinformation?”…”Seriously?” A Ten Commandments’ Tale

two “catch” phrases have risen to prominence during the current presidential administration. first, “emergency” and the other “misinformation.” with “emergency,” the party in control believes that it is free to abandon the united states constitution for the sake of the country. as such, the word “emergency” has been redefined. it is the term used when an administration chooses to abandon the united states constitution and dictate how things are going to be. the other word is “misinformation. ” the employment of suppression of speech based upon “misinformation” is simply a euphemism for “censorship.” the act is meant to suppress the thoughts and ideas of those who are not in “control.”

how can one say that the suppression of misinformation is not the search for the truth?

simple. over the past few years, there have been many assertions concerning covid-19, that have been suppressed as being “misinformation” from government leaders, social medial, and main stream media. there have been many instances in which the “misinformation” turned out to be the truth. recent changes in cdc protocol is evidence of this fact. the obliteration of the notion that covid-19 is the pandemic of the unvaccinated is another.

what does this really mean?

it means that the true spreaders of “misinformation” as those who “declared” the “misinformation” and “suppressed” its content and its voice. logic would dictate that these individuals and groups, who now are proven to have made a false allegation, should then be labeled as the true disseminators of “misinformation.” with this label, they should be appropriately censored, de-platformed and punished. it only makes senses.

do we see this happening? why not?

to my knowledge, i am unaware of any of the decriers of “misinformation” either being punished or falling on the sword in the pursuit of truth. as such, the reality of the suppression by allegations of “misinformation” is that its is a technique employed to either suppress the truth, to create a consensus around an agenda or down out of sheer arrogance.

with this said, each and every time someone presents themselves as declaring the suppression of others based upon “misinformation,” it is imperative to ask them as to “what their punishment will be if it turns out the misinformation is actually the truth?” any good journalist must ask this question…seriously.

be well!!

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