The Art of Redemption: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

mr. bob jablonski is the poster child for the addage, “it is never too late to do the right thing.”

his action was inspiring. he reportedly returned a book to his public library that was 75 years late. this act is not done without assistance. public libraries across the united states took the first step in the redemption process. a number of libraries have eliminated fines for late returns. this policy has spurred the return of many outstanding books.

with any change, there is always the concern as to whether it will work. how will lenders be encouraged to return books?

recently, at a local library, i witnessed how the rule worked. a librarian was confronted with a family of voracious readers and borrowers. during check out of a sky high amount of books, it was discovered that one child had an overdue book that was exceedingly late. the librarian politely told the family that the child would not be able to check more books out until the particular book was turned. essentially, the late book resulted in the library card’s suspension. arguably, this aspect to the policy was a reasonable approach that could encourage returns.

mr. jablonski’s return occurred after the book was discovered after the family was cleaning their house. the book was in pristiene condition.

this story goes beyond mere book lending. it perhaps offers insight as to how humanity can act to assist those seeking to redeem themselves. the insight being that those deserving of the apology or some other act of contrition can serve to inspire redemption. thus, those willing to allow for forgiveness may equally important role the act of forgiveness or redemption.

be well!!

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