Lone Justice: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the united states’ most powerful and success sports league, the national football league or nfl, has a crisis on hand. they have an employee how has been accused of and has been likened to be a sexual predator. a large number of lawsuits were filed against this individuals by the women accusing him of misconduct.

while these law suits and accusations were floating in the air, he was rewarded by a nfl team with a contract worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. his disciplinary proceedings from the league are now coming to an end with an 11 game suspension and a multi-million dollar fine. he was also send for mandatory counseling. wkyc it is reported that this individual was found to have a lack of remorse by the hearing officer at the disciplinary hearing. it was also found as follow: the conduct that qualified as a sexual assault, the conduct, the conduct posed a genuine danger to the safety and well-being of another person, and the conduct that undermined, or put at risk, the integrity of the nfl. wkyc

being young and very talented in his position, however, he was valuable to a team in the league. he has been embraced by the team that traded for him and rewarded him with a huge contract which also intended financially lessen the blow of any suspension. essentially, they wanted to diminish his punishment for his alleged bad conduct.

the league, like many companies, holds itself out to send out public service announcements and public service. the nfl is big on reaching out to build their female fan base with issues such as breast cancer awareness. does the nfl think that their female fan base is going to embrace a star player accused of multiple acts of sexual assault against women? in light on the punishment of this accused individual, one must say to the nfl, “seriously?”

many sports leagues, for public relations, promote societal issues. there are many who view the league’s action in this matter as disgusting. in other times, for example with ms. christine blasey ford, the media, politicians and many normal people worked themselves into a tizzy over her alleged accusations against a young justice kavanaugh. the accusations pale when compared to those in the case of the football star. yet, when it came to this matter, there are many who have sat on the sidelines and remain silent. the intensity towards this individual is to further diminish as he settled most of the lawsuits and there are no criminal charges on the horizon on either a state or federal level.

with this said, were are left with the one. one brave person intent on seeking justice when there has been a massive abandonment of morality. one brave person decided not to settle their case and seek justice on the matter.

it is reported that ms. laura baxley is the one holdout who has not settled her “civil suit alleging harassment and indecent sexual assault” against, this individual, cleveland browns quarterback deshaun watson. it is reported that “she has not accepted any settlement offers, “in part because they have not included any sincere acknowledgment of remorse and wrongdoings, nor have they included any promises of rehabilitative treatment.” nypost.com

she wrote an article for the daily beast in which she reported that noted that “unless there is authoritative intervention, he will continue his destructive behavior.” she wrote that “because watson repeatedly assaulted women, the institutions and individuals who currently uphold and employ him must also be held accountable.” dailybeast

she noted that “i will say again: all non-consensual sexual acts are a violence, particularly when the predator far outweighs his victims in physical stature and influential power. and inherent and unspoken threats are just as damaging to the psyche as explicit threats. i will never cease my attempts to educate on this point.” dailybeast

no irony should be lost on the fact that ms. baxley, due to the incident, has stopped her work as a physical therapist while mr. watson is able to continue his profession with a multi-hundred million dollar contract.

in the end, ms. baxley remains the sole voice of reason and justice out of the desean watson affair. as for the nfl, all of the owners, all of the coaches, all of the players, they should NEVER speak out on ANY societal issue or CRITICIZE anybody outside of the league for ANYTHING. their failure to be a voice in this INTERNAL matter is DISQUALIFYING. any breast cancer organization would be wise to walk away from their affiliation with the nfl.

be well!!

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