Celebrating 600 Posts With A Blog Tip: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

prior to the tip, a word of inspiration. i was watching the video of a successful youtuber. he told the story of when he first started. he had generated a lot of content and drawn little interest. he noted that he finally had a break out video. the break out video took his channel to the next level. successful endeavors often have modest origins.

this blog tip is also about getting back to the roots of one’s blog. re-visiting core subject matter is important to re-invigorate a blog. . thus, getting back to the basics and spending some quality time with search engine algorithms is an opportunity to build.

with this said, once in a while key “words” and “phases” should be explored? do you have any “go to” words or phrases driving interest in your blog? are there any “words” or “key phrases” that you would like to promote?

with this blog, “the ten commandments” is a top phrase. one should ask, “how does the search engine view this “phrase?” understanding this can help create impressions and drive traffic. thus, from time to time, it is worth examining search engine results on your treasured words and phrases will provide you helpful information.

search engines, which do not censor, are essentially geared towards delivering the best results. the results are tailored by past user requests. thus, a goal for a blog is to take this information and create content that provides the answers and information raised by past search engine users. if you are able to provide good answers, you may have a chance at being found in search engine results.

with that said, we let’s take a look at the current google results for the search “the ten commandments.” scrolling down, we find the “people also ask” section

This was the result

People also ask

What are the 10 Commandments in simple terms?

What are the 10 Commandments Bible story?

What are the 10 Catholic Commandments?

What are the 10 Commandments in modern English?

with these results, i now have potential topics for future posts. with some work and creativity, this can be accomplished. while these topics may not be exactly what i would like to cover, they are, however, ones for which there is interest; even expensive steak houses serve hamburgers.

in generating this content, you are feeding the search engine “beast.” the search engine now has great content to answer their frequently asked inquiries.

likewise, you can expand out the concept. perhaps, you address an inquiry in a series of posts.

with this concept, use your creativity on the key words and phrases. while you can be creative with your posts, you can also be obvious as well. give the answer to the inquiry on a topic.

good luck!!

be well!!

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