Indulgences Will Get You Nowhere? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

We think people deserve a second chance

jimmy haslam

the catholic church, in some remote time, practiced indulgences. essentially allowed, sinners could buy off forgiveness by making a church contribution.

is this is the tale of a modern day indulgence?

recently, mr. jimmy halam and his wife mrs. dee haslam, in an opportunity to improve their wealth and their national football league franchise, the cleveland browns, moved heaven and earth to acquire a star quarterback with ongoing legal problems.

this star who had over 20 lawsuits by women who accused him of sexual misconduct during the course of therapeutic massages. many allegations include that this quarterback attempted to introduce sexual contact during these professional massages. these allegations forced the nfl to address discipline upon him via their personal conduct policy. the hearing officer, who apparently only looked at four cases found that the star committed sexual assault, as defined by the nfl, occurred. the administrative discipline hearing over the misconduct was resolved and included an 11 game suspension and a $5,000,000.00, fine.

after this labor dispute resolution, the haslams, and their acquisition, mr. deshaun watson, had a press conference. the press conference was full of honesty. an honesty, however, that was limited due to the fact that they would not discuss the details concerning the labor dispute. mr. haslam stated ” we are not going to comment on anything to [what judge] sue (l.) robinson said or her decision nor are we going to comment on anything (nfl) commissioner (roger) goodell said because we do not think that is appropriate.” mr. haslam noted in the press conference that he believes that people deserve a second chance.

with the press conference limitations, the question “why does someone who committed at least four sexual assaults according the the nfl definition deserve a second chance on your team?” could not be asked. further, “how are you going to protect the female workers at your franchise knowing you have someone who committed at least four sexual assaults according the the nfl definition? as well could not be asked.

the haslams did their best in dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging the moral questions. they knew they had to do something to buy themselves cover. with this, ms. dee haslam said ” “i just want to say that we as an organization and as individuals, we have tremendous empathy for the women involved. we have an opportunity now to make a difference in this community. we are going to invest $1 million to go towards educating the youth for awareness of sexual misconduct. we are going to work really hard on [intervention], and we are looking forward to getting involved and getting started on that.”


if ms. haslem truly had empathy with women, the victims, involved, she and her husband would certainly wants to meet them and offer them financial and emotional support. perhaps, the haslams, if they truly wanted awareness of sexual misconduct, they could collaborate with the victims and produce a documentary about how therapeutic massage therapists can get coerced in to performing sexual acts. the documentary could allow the victims to give insights or suggestions to the youth as to how to avoid these situations and how they were impacted by mr. watson. they can educate youths how to get on with their lives after a sexual assault.

rather that act towards true justice, the haslams were content with buying an indulgence. they wish that their bogus investment will wash away the immoral filth that sticks to them.

this is another episode of how the rich, powerful and influential can skate when they are walking down the slippery slope of immorality.

it can be contended that mr. watson’s matter is not once of second chances. nfl teams, such as the raiders, have offered players second chances. unlike those circumstances, the haslam affair involves a team’s engagement with the player pre-discipline. he was acquired prior to the discipline hearing and they did whatever they could to minimize the harm on their investment. this went so far as manipulating their contract to minimize the punishment.

from the outside, for the haslams, it is as if mr. watson is the true victim. he was the victim that needed help and they were going to work with him. they, of course, are doing so in that he will help them further their goal of riches and team success. at what cost? who really cares about the real victims?

the judeo christian fundamental value that “you shall commit no injustice in judgment; you shall not favor a poor person or respect a great man; you shall judge your fellow with righteousness” of leviticus 19:15, is apparently lost on the rich and powerful. the haslams certainly do not believe that it applies in their world.

the haslams may soon wake up to the fact that many in society see their actions are both immoral, disgusting, and deplorable. hopefully, the real victims in this matter will be able to realize some justice.

be well!!

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