The “Woke” Ten Commandments? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

is there a moses of the “woke” world”? from the heights of cyberspace and in the land of the world wide web, did writer mr. dan cummings come down with two samsung galaxy tablets and present them to the children of wokeness? where the keyboarding of the “woke” gods brought to mr. cummings to click out the “woke” ten commandments?

the “woke” commandments, as alleged, are as follows:

“1. i am god and can choose my own moral standards. 2. i can make anything i choose the priority in my life. 3. i will use god’s name only when it is followed by the word “damn.” 4. i don’t need a special day to rest and reflect on god. 5. i don’t need to respect and honor my parents. 6. i will not murder unless it is the unborn child in the mother’s womb. 7. i will pursue any sexual desire that i have. 8. i will not steal anything over $950. 9. i will not lie unless it is for personal or political gain. 10. it is not right for anyone to be rich and have more than i have.” mr. dan cummings from abilene

how did he do?

the beauty of what mr. cummings’ commandments is that he illustrates that the “wokeness” movement is essentially a rejection of ten commandments and its values.

for example, for the “woke,” everyday should be a day of recreation. this mentality has severely eroded the country’s work ethic. likewise, the dismissal of parents is happening as government officials are ursurping parents’ roles in life altering decisions for their minor children. finally, the “win at all cost” attitude has further perverted both politics and justice. finally, his 10th commandment aptly touches on the rights and rules of the oppressed and oppressor. anybody who has more must be the oppressor and be dealt with accordingly.

with all of these commandments in action, one could only surmise that the world would become a place of dysfunction, chaos and injustices.

what do you think? did he get it right? did he miss some points?

if so, please comment.

be well!!

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