Was Something Missing From Anthony Bourdain’s Recipe For Life? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with the pending release of an anthony bourdain biographical book, reports are coming out about his life. mr. bourdain, a beloved chef, author and tv host, explored the world of food. he was the down to earth person traveled the world for culinary greatness. he, however found comfort at an in n’ out burger. it was perhaps his favorite fast food restaurant and guilty pleasure in life.

his life story is one of success. he battled addiction. he worked hard to get published. he eventually made it to the top of the ladder of success in publishing and in television. over the course, he battled his relationships. in the end, he tragically took his life.

per the reports, mr. bourdain’s life, despite his phenomenal success, appeared to be missing something. in one text to his ex-wife, ottavia busia-bourdain, he reportedly complained: ‘i hate my fans, too. i hate being famous. i hate my job.  ‘i am lonely and living in constant uncertainty.’ dailymail.com

this text ties in to his past. although, mr. bourdain was born jewish. on cnn in 2013, while in israel, he said “iI was raised without religion. one side of the family long ago, catholic. i think. the other side, jewish. i’ve never been in a synagogue. i don’t believe in a higher power. but that doesn’t make me any less jewish, i don’t think. ….i’ve never felt so much like i’m masquerading as something i’m not. i am instinctively hostile to any kind of devotion. certainty is my enemy. you know, i’m all about doubt, questioning one’s self and the nature of reality. constantly.” cnn …”when they grabbed hold of me and in a totally nonjudgmental way essentially, you know, god’s happy to have you, you know, here you go” he addressing how he was met by people in israel.

constants in life are important. parents, family, friends and co-workers can fill long segments of one’s life. they, however, rarely are there from cradle to grave.

god, however, for many, acts as the constant. in his epic appearance at the burning bush, he revealed his name to moses. “god said to moses, “ehyeh asher ehyeh (i will be what i will be),” and he said, “so shall you say to the children of israel, ‘ehyeh (i will be) has sent me to you.'” exodus 3:14. the children of israel, hearing the words, would appreciate the name of the eternal being. the being who not only created the universe but also formed a covenant with abraham, isaac and jacob. the creator would be there for them in their time of need.

in sum, mr. bourdain perhaps could have appreciated god. he would have had something constant in his life. he would have had someone who he could relate to. a companion that that had problems with fans and struggles in dealing with one’s job. he could have had a companion. with this said, there is no irony missed that mr. bourdain’s favorite “in’ n out” burger has operated for many years based upon strong religious roots. perhaps, his affinity to the restaurant was beyond the food and was to fill something that he needed in his life.

be well!!

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