Bad Law School? Bad Legal Advice? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a number of university of california berkeley law school students are in for a rude awakening when they embark on their legal careers. their affiliation with student groups that are hostile towards the state of israel will have a day of reckoning. the actions, viewed by some, has been labeled as anti-semitic.

it is reported that “several student groups at the university of california, berkeley, law school have adopted a bylaw prohibiting pro-israel speakers at events…. at least nine groups have adopted the rule so far, including the berkeley law muslim student association, middle eastern and north african law students association, womxn of color collective, asian pacific american law Students association, queer caucus, community defense project, women of berkeley law and law students of african descent.”

professional bias is becoming a great concern in the united states. medical professionals or medical students have professed on social media their desire to improperly treat jewish people. one can interpret that they may act to allow a jewish person to get sick or die. medical institutions and licensing boards have recognized the seriousness of the fantasization and have already begun to address this problem. individual’s credentials or positions have been jeopardized.

thus, the berkeley law students who are part of these organizations must be aware that their future in law will have issues. these individuals must seriously question as to whether they are capable of representing jewish clientele. should they disclose their bias toward the jewish homeland? likely, they must seriously question as to whether they are capable of representing those who support the state of israel. additionally one must seriously question as to whether they are capable of defending a case against jewish clientele. also, one must wonder whether they are capable of defending a case against an individual who support the state of israel.

further, this problem only gets bigger as they advance in their careers. should any of these individuals be in the capacity of judge, mediator or arbitrator, they may have to recuse themselves for bias. this bias can be career ending. in the legal field, from time to time, there are where a judge is caught expressing racial bias outside of the courtroom. recently, a judge resigned. the judge’s appearance of bias would be disqualifying.

uc berkeley’s dean of the law school, mr. erwin chemerinsky is someone i know. i worked for his ex-wife as her research assistant in law school. during the summer, they graciously had all of their assistants over for dinner. both of them are wonderful and caring. he, besides his legal skills, is a culinary maven [as far as what i ate.]

dean chemerinsky, if he wishes to be honest and give proper guidance towards his students, should disclose the fact that their discriminatory actions may have long term consequences with respect to their careers.

as a litigator who represents all religions, races and nationalities, i will always protect any and all of my clients from perceived bias from other attorney, judges and other professionals with my area of practice. moving forward, graduates from the university of california law school at berkeley will be suspect. their affiliation with groups practicing bias well be a concern.

in sum, many schools give poor advice to students. student, unfortunately, pay dearly as a result of this.

be well!!

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