Will The Trains Run On Sabbath? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

is there a cost to having a jewish state? is it the cost of celebrating the sabbath?

in israel, a transportation minister, in the gush dan area, had declared that the trains will run on the sabbath in the year 2023. timesofisrael

the debate is somewhat interesting.

secular jews decry that they are coerced by religion by having restrictions on transportation. the same argument, however, can be made in the other direction. isn’t the enactment a 24/7 society coercive towards those who wish to be observant? further, as the only jewish nation in the world, isn’t there some obligation to at least give lip service to one of the ten commandments?

religious politicians have gone on the attack. a member of the knesset smotrich said that in a future right-wing government, “we will make sure to cancel any decision that harms the jewish character of the country and we will preserve the sabbath and its sanctity as the national day of rest.” timesofisrael

is the sabbath an essential part of the state of israel? perhaps, they should consult with a high authority?

be well!!

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