Of Anthony Bourdain, Star Trek & God

one of my brother’s friends passed away. they were having a celebration of life party at the restaurant down the block. the friend’s step mother insisted i come. she said, the actress from star trek would be there. she was not more specific.

who could it be? nichelle nichols, uhuru from the original series? i was irked. the step mother, not being a fan, was not going to have answers.

i got up and went to the celebration. it was a table with about 8 people. my fortune, i got to sit right across from the mystery celebrity. it was ms. marina sirtis. aka counselor troi from the next generation. i was there with her husband.

while heavily into star trek, i decided to approach the meal in a unique way. i choose not to talk about star trek at all and talked to her and her husband about other things. i had a great time and walked away with greek cooking tips. they were both very nice.

recently, it has been revealed that culinary god, anthony bourdain reportedly had issues with his fans. he complained his “ex-wife that he ‘hated’ his fans and no longer wanted to be famous in the weeks and months leading up to his 2018 suicide. ” dailymail.com

as yom kippur, is approaching, these two stories give me pause to ask the questions, “what does god want to hear from us?” “is god happy with his fans?” “does god wish to continue to be god?”

not being famous, i wonder whether famous people want to talk about their great accomplishments. do they get some satisfaction that someone acknowledges that they enjoyed their work? or, at some point, do they wish not to be bothered? did someone like mr. bourdain, hate when people came up to him to tell him that “they enjoyed his show?”

thus, i wonder, “what does god want to hear from his creations?” does the annual process of absolving sins somehow bring relief to the master of the universe? is there an emotional need for the master to have the moral slate cleared off on a regular basis?

be well!!

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