You’re Hired! Noah and The Manager of the Universe: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the torah documents the master of the universe’s establishment of order. this task required the master to also act as the manager of the universe. one of his first personnel moves for the “god organization” was the employment of noah.

at the time, god had plans for a global re-organization. it was a massive demo project which would include a flood and the destruction of much of life on earth. he needed help with this, however. at the time, the labor pool was poor. a large bunch of undesirables. noah, from the story, was the only candidate. god knew him. he walked with him.

what did noah bring to the table?

he was a skilled craftsman and capable boat maker. he had animal husbandry skills and was apparently a talented animal wrangler. also, he, prior to the end of the flood, was a capable parent who apparently was able to marshal his sons’ labor. noah was a “good guy” in his time. ,,most of all, noah was a “yes” man. noah followed instructions perfectly. he never questioned god. in fact, noah never spoke to god from the time of the instruction to the end of the flood.

what did noah not bring to the table?

he did not speak. he never questioned the god’s destructive plan. he simply did what he was told. who knows? noah could have made some suggestions for the ark.

after the flood ends and land is restored back to normal, noah becomes a vintner and imbibes upon his wine. in a drunken state, there is problematic episode in his tent involving his sons. at that point, one might opine that noah finally cracked. he succumbed to post traumatic flood syndrome aka post traumatic stress disorder. a psychological toll was paid after his heroic efforts to save his family and the animals. he self-medicated and exhibited signs of mental illness.

as a manager, the choice of noah was a success. it came, as discussed, came with a human cost.

being the manager of the universe, god moves through time to bring forward his creation, he needs different types of people with different qualities to achieve order. “yes” men, like noah, are needed at times for specific tasks. to manage the world, however, the master of the universe will later employ other special individuals. he will also decide to employ a personnel manual to create this order. he will make a book of instruction. the torah.

in sum, we build our lives. our lives have some level of organization and structure. the torah and the bible offer insight into to do’s and don’ts of management. take advantage of the lessons.

be well!!

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