The American “Babel”…You Know The Thing: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

pledge of allegiance

the “tower of babel” bible story (genesis chapter 11) has humanity figuratively building a stairway to heaven. humanity, cooperating and working in concert, showed signs of achieving the task. dismayed, the master of the universe employed words to defeat the effort. the master of the universe caused the workers to speak different languages. without the ability to communicate with each other, the project was defeated.

the united states was founded with god as the ultimate authority. thus, the country’s great accomplishments, i.e. placing a man on the moon, stand as testament to god rather than as an act to supplant him. rather than building towers to heaven, america has built a beacon as well as created symbols of a good, just, and free society.

in recent times, however, “new language” has emerged. individuals have employed to confound the building of the united states. terms such as “social justice”, “climate change”, “gender affirmation” are used to transform and destroy rather than to build the country.

one must wonder, is there some entity trying to employ a tower of babel tactic on the people of the united states? could it be the god of marxism? is the intent of this language designed to disrupt the governmental experiment of the united states?

the three words listed above are essentially oxymorons. how could justice not be social justice? climate,by definition, is climate change? if the temperature remained constant, there would be no need have the term climate. gender affirmation is used to create a new construct to blur on the biological reality of two sexes.

this language is intended to and employed to create a power imbalance. they are intended to bring on division. thus, these words enable the opportunity to label some people as oppressors and others as the oppressed. there is an almost universal disdain to the concept of oppression.

these words are part of the effort to invent “wedge issues.” with division there are sides to be taken. one group can be labeled as oppressors; the other the oppressed. with this, there is the opportunity to exert power. they manufacture conflict by using language.

again, creating societal instability creates imbalance. with imbalance, there is the need to exert power and control. power and control, however, are not qualities that necessarily promote the vision of america. they do not promote entrepreneurship, advances in technology or building great things. rather, they are tools of stagnation. with power and control, why would anybody want to accomplish anything? likewise, if someone would accomplish something, they are disincentivized. there wealth or influence would be likely have them viewed as an oppressor subject to be attacked.

in sum, long before humanity’s great prophet, mr. george orwell, who penned 1984, the preeminent book on the power of language, the torah offered a tale on the topic thousands of years ago.

in today’s world, one must ask whether we are now living in some perverse tower of babel moment?

be well!!

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