PragerU’s Failing Mark: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

prageru’s motto is “think better. live better.” in the fast paced world today, there are times when there is the need to “think fast.” prageru is a highly successful platform which produces conservative content. it also supports judeo christian values.

social media based organizations, unfortunately, have to react at a moment’s notice. social media posts spread like a disease. things can get viral. a person who has been featured in prageru videos has gone viral is arguable a sick way. prageru has has videos from a then “mr. kanye west.” these videos were produced before his well publicized alleged anti-semitic rantings. since his rating, there was only one passing discussion of the problem from one of their hosts.

one must ask “how should prageru address its prior posts?” likewise, “what should be prageru’s position concerning the artist moving forward? without explanation, it is not unreasonable or irrational to believe that prageru is embracing the anti-semitism.

the insanity of the matter is that mr. prager, in 1983, wrote a book “why the jews” and addressed anti-semitism. mr. prager could easily roll out of bed and give a well-versed explanation of the issue. to date, he has not done so on prageru with respect to mr. west or ye. the topic is quite timeless. “how should you act when someone you have supported or endorsed does something that is not aligned with your values or beliefs?”

checking out their prageru’s website index, as of this am october 31, there is still no material on the topic. how can prageru legitimately promote itself as a “think better” organization when, in a time of immediate need, they are actually refusing to act. this is the time to learn to “think [on your feet] better.”

sadly, and to their credit, many other organizations have been able address the controversial statements on social media and in the public square. a number of black israelites have posted videos on the topic. in two cities, large banners have been posted that essentially kanye was right. does prageru think that “kanye is right?” we simply don’t know.

mr. prager loves to describe himself as one who likes clarity and being rational. at this moment, his organization’s actions are opaque and irrational; embarrassing.

was vanity the reason? prageru recently spent time for the celebration of 500th video. this undoubtedly is a great fundraising opportunity. likewise, mr. prager’s release of his latest bible commentary may play a role. institutional events may have supplanted their mission.

how can people think better about this difficult situation? children and young adults are now having to think long and hard about someone they admire. how do they address the issues with friends and others? likewise, are there limits to free speech or should everything go? if everything should be out there, how should we combat hate driven speech with positive speech?

in sum, prageru gets a well-deserved “f.”

the reality is that this is the opportunity for positive messages. mr. west, based upon the information available to this author, is dishonest with respect to his claim that he is a jew. not all blacks are jews. he has, to the contrary, identified himself as a christian. to the contrary, there are black jews and they are all over the world. there are a number of african jewish communities in west africa, uganda, south africa and ethiopia. israel has a large population of ethiopian jews. the population is so large that the ethiopian jewish holiday of sidg is now a national israeli holiday. there are many black jews who live in america. there is one in particular that mr. west knows; drake. thus, perhaps this can be a teaching moment for those unaware of these amazing and important communities and individuals.

be well!!

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