The NBA’s Moses Was With The Brooklyn Nets: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

on the eighth day, god created irony.

the brooklyn nets’ organization is currently in disarray. their current star player is at the center of controversy concerning controversial posts. the comedy of the controversy took to a new level when one of his representatives took at meeting with a jewish organization concerning the posts. this star could not bother to listen to others and perhaps learn.

thus, it is not without great irony that a former brooklyn nets’ coach, and former nba star, a few months ago, sparked the world when he decided to act on his principles. he resigned his position. he wished to practice observe the sabbath. thus, assistant coach amar’e stoudamire, אמארה יהושפט סטודמא, stepped down. coach stoudamire famously searched for his roots and found them in judaism. he made the commitment to be an orthodox jew.

coach stoudamire’s decision was admired by those in the media. he has been compared to sandy koufax and hank greenberg who famously missed games due to religious holidays. coach stoudamire’s decision, one can argue, is even more significant as the sabbath observance is weekly.

for a period of time, he was able to make his sabbath observance and coaching work. the nets worked with him. thetimesofisrael eventually, he made the decision to leave the team when it interfered with sabbath observance. jewinthecity ironically, at the time, there was speculation that it was because of some issues with the team’s controversial star referenced above.

coach stoudamire’s story, courage, and principles, are important in the world of sport and judaism. there are a number of orthodox jews who are currently entering into professional sports in the united states. it would be of no surprise that they take a meeting and get encouragement and advice from coach stoudamire as they pursue their careers. perhaps, one day, they could addressing rabbi stoudamire. until then, the master of the universe is grateful for coach stoudamire being a “positive force” for the ten commandments.

be well!!

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post script:

mr. amar’e stoudemire was interviewed on the latest controversy with net star mr. kyrie irving. on an espn interview, he aptly advised that “if you’re not totally factual or understanding what you’re learning or trying to promote, then just don’t promote it. just learn quietly and try to figure it out. but once you start putting information out there that’s not true, it now creates a problem.”

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