The Moses Accords? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

from all appearances, the abraham accords have been a success. arab nations and israel have been able to work, cooperate and build a flourishing middle east. sharing abraham’s values which include monotheism and hospitality leads to truth. while islam and judaism are different religions, two tid-bits are revealing. muslim’s practicing halal, not able to get food, may search out kosher food or a butcher shop. for jewish people, if there is no synagogue around, it is permissible to pray in a mosque.

in the united states, and even in other countries, groups are seeking independence, freedom, and desire to purify their communities. they gravitate towards one word; “exodus.” the torah tale captures the imagination of those who wish to strike out for independence and start all over. the thought of “exodus” is shared by many people. people who don’t necessarily get along with each other embrace the “exodus.” freedom and starting anew are universal concepts.

“exodus” is more than than freedom and independence. anyone reading the torah understands that it comes with a cost. freedom brings doubt, uncertainty and immorality. freedom can get you wandering in the wilderness. freedom brings the need for solutions.

with the “exodus,” there is acceptance of a higher authority. laws imposing respect with both families and society are needed. moses who delivered the people from bondage also delivered the laws for this better society. the ten commandments marked the collective decision to live in a just society.

in sum, people of all walks of lives and beliefs share this notion. while we are different people, the “exodus” is a shared value. with freedom, there is a cost. the cost for the freedom, and independence is the acceptance of morals and values that promote respect with both households and the outer community. can the disparate groups in the united states get together to discuss and share these common concerns for the betterment of all?

be well!!

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