Unpeeling The Onion: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

this blog is promotional. posts point to materials and concepts with the intent that the reader may be inspired to learn more.

the bible and bible-based religion is essentially a massive onion. there are many layers. in one’s lifetime, it is likely that all of the layers may not be pulled back. learning and reaching new layers, however, allows for growth and greater understanding.

beyond the texts, people, from all religions interested in the bible, share the various bible scholarship archeological discoveries confirming parts of the bible are exciting. literary analysis of texts from the dead sea scrolls are fascinating study of ancient writings from other communities is enlightening. dna studies offer insight. individuals with divergent interests ironically study the same material.

a book and a movie has recently become controversial. individuals interested in the material view it as a form of awakening. some african americans are searching for their identity pre-slavery. this moment has a parallel of some sort. growing up, arthur hailey’s best selling book “roots” with its tv mini series created a dialogue back them. today, it would appear that mr. hailey would be addressing the bible in connection to the story.

the torah, as a book, offers a unique opportunity to all readers. by reading it, we are allowed to transport ourselves to the creation of the world. we can all witness the dealings in the garden of eden, we can all witness the crossing of the red sea. we can all be at mt. sinai and receive the ten commandments.

the torah is a book that was meticulously save and copied for multitudes of generation. for years. it is a book to be shared. a book to be applied. it is a book intended to bring people together in community. thus, as in the past, history offers a cautionary tale as to its use for various purposes. most importantly, it is a book of instruction as to how humanity should conduct its affairs. thus, it is so important that individuals take the time to dig deep into the value of this treasured text.

be well!!

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