The Fall of Art? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“when you are divorced from morality, the arts can be used for anything”

a wise man

a wise man said, “when you are divorced from morality, the arts can be used for anything.” presently, a fashion house scandal exposed those in the art field being accused of actively promoting pedophilia and child abuse. the wise man was correct.

the art world expanded with technology. from art’s early origins of cave paintings to present day, the art world is different. morality, however, is a constant. recent inventions in time, i.e. photography, recorded music, and motion pictures, have transformed the arts.

art has two significant drivers. capitalism drives art. art is a means of making money. as such, art replicates past success. sometimes, it merely reproduces it, i.e. signed lithographs. in the film industry, one need only look to the pandemic of sequels and the exploitation of existing intellectual property to make the point. expression is another significant driver. people have voices that they wish to express. these voices may be unique. these voices may be of an immoral agenda. these voices may be something that is not part of the mainstream.

with these drivers, there are many who find recent art to be problematic. there is art produced divorced from morality. it is serving other purposes.

this holiday season, one of the greatest american films ever made will be shown, “it’s a wonderful life.” the movie captures the spirit of sacrifice and giving. the movie captures the spirit of a community appreciation the good works of others. this is why a movie made in 1946, still resonates today.

the wise man with the quote was the rebbe. one by one, page 175. the rebbe, menachem mendel schneerson. it was a line in passing while giving his sage advice.

be well!!

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