A Teacher’s Gift: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

as a religious educator, i was always in search of the “new,” “interesting,” “humorous,” and “thought provoking” as far as material; student engagement and participation is often the sign of success. as a student, i enjoyed moments when the teacher solicited everyone’s opinion on a particular topic or story.

religious teachers received a story which is truly an early holiday present. the story of the “man who could not tell the truth.” he has a medical condition that makes him a pathological liar. not only did he reportedly lie on his resume, he also lied to his wife about a variety of things. the following is a link to the story will the fanciful details.

in the american legal system, there are sensitivities and rights afforded to those with medical conditions. this individual was able to find a medical practitioner who was able to give him a diagnoses as to why he lied. due to both litigation costs and risks, this individual, who was caught lying about his resume, received a $170000, settlement concerning his employment termination.

how should this individual’s conduct be viewed within the prism of the ten commandments? how far can this go? if individuals have a mental condition which gives them compulsion for stealing, do they receive a free pass? is a diagnosis of sex addiction an excuse for adultery? in the most extreme case, how do we address an individual who has a medical condition that gives them an inclination to commit murder?

let the debate begin…

some issues worthy of discussion is culpability. if the person knows of the problem, should forgiveness only be afforded when treatment is sought? what should occur is the condition is deemed untreatable? further, what should be done in the instance of those who commit violent acts?

be well!!

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