The Anatomy of The World’s First Act of “Hatred”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the torah documents the world’s first “hatred.”

“hate” is an emotion. it is the biological equivalent of a computer program or application. like other emotions, “hate” triggers biological responses. it generates and raises one’s heart rate. it prepares the body to act in the moment. thus, all emotions serve a purpose for human existence.

“hate,” the emotion, can turn into “hatred.”

the world’s first act of “hatred” was not because of race, religion, nationality, sexual or gender orientation. the first act of “hatred” was due to conduct.

the first act of “hatred” occurred involved brothers. in only one generation, humanity had its first act. an act that took another’s life.

cain was upset over both his conduct and his brother abel’s conduct: genesis 4: 3: “now it came to pass at the end of days, that cain brought of the fruit of the soil an offering to the lord. and abel he too brought of the firstborn of his flocks and of their fattest, and the lord turned to abel and to his offering. but to cain and to his offering he did not turn, and it annoyed cain exceedingly, and his countenance fell.”

cain’s upset arose from conduct. he had not made a similar effort than his brother. his brother did a better job and found favor.

cain was given the solution to his problem. he was told, by the master of the universe, “is it not so that if you improve, it will be forgiven you? if you do not improve, however, at the entrance, sin is lying, and to you is its longing, but you can rule over it.” genesis 4:7.

despite the advice, cain commits an act of “hatred.” he kills his brother.

why? did cain perceive that there was some cosmic race for who was to be the favored son? was he afraid that he, because of his misstep, would be forever in second place?

despite a pathway to get back on the right journey through life, he evokes “hatred” and acts to eliminate his competition.

currently, the hebrew israelites marched to support basketball star kyrie irving on his controversy. while marching, they chanted out that essentially that they are they “real jew” implying that jews are “fake jews.”

why would this group, which embraces the king james version of the bible, take offense to the jews? the jewish community contains individuals committed towards practicing the torah’s commandments. is not adherence to the commandments something that the torah dictates? do they have a problem with their conduct?

perhaps, the answer to the question comes out of the story of cain and abel. each individual must strike out their own pathway towards righteousness and justice. one should not take a particular moment in time to demonize a group for conducting themselves in a manner in accordance with morality. one’s living a moral and value based life is not conditioned on trying to knock out others who are trying to do the same thing.

the bible contains many answers to moral and value. for those who wish to live a fulfilling life based upon morals and values, continued study can lead one to a different or greater understanding of one’s relationship with others. “hatred,” as with cain, does not serve to redeem oneself.

in sum, had cain taken the advice of the master of the universe, it is quite possible that history would have viewed him with great admiration. he would have been the individual who overcome his difficulties and challenges in life. he would have defeated his “hatred” and been an inspiration.

be well!!

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