A New Study Proves That Modern Medicine Has Failed: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the practice of medicine can both assist with living and kill; sometimes, all at once. at one point in history, hospitals, for childbirth, were a deathtrap for mothers. doctors, unaware of the necessity for hand washing and sterilization, went from patient to patient [and even corpses] spreading disease. npr.org mothers would die of infection. at the time, this was state of the art medicine.

a recent study that found that covid-19 vaccine side effects can be psychosomatic. it was reported “concluded that vaccine hesitancy was “positively associated” with side effects.” ” they [also] found that while vaccine hesitancy seemingly led to side effects, the correlation didn’t work in the other direction.” timesofisrael.com it is reported that the researchers found that “”telling people that vaccines are safe, and that side effects are minimal, may not be enough. it may also be wise to communicate that some side effects result from the nocebo effect — to tell them there may be side effects and they may have a psychological element.'”timesofisrael.com

the reality is that the vaccine’s promises are largely untrue. among the untruths are that they neither stop the spread of the disease and they do not prevent one from getting the disease. thus, these researchers, given the data that the vaccines are have questionable efficacy in many areas, are essentially recommending that not only is the vaccine safe but that their “placebo” vaccination could create a “nocebo” effect. thus, their arguably bogus vaccine can create a real psycho-somatic disorder.

would doctors do a better job telling patients that taking the overhyped vaccine does not do what it was promised to do? and, therefore, they can tell them that since the vaccine, with respect to the promises were bogus, your claimed medical promises should be bogus as well! [note: i am not making light that there are those who have suffered adverse effects from the vaccines which were life altering. i am personally aware of these individuals]

in sum, the “nocebo” effect is most likely caused in a large part by the medical and science communities. in conjunction with government and the pharmaceutical industry, they have perverted the treatment for the disease. is there good cause to get “mental” over a medical condition when (a) the medical and science communities either does not know the covid-19 origins or are lying about it (b) the true efficacy, value and harm of the covid vaccines has not been made transparent to consumers of medical care and treatment (c) possible treatment from established medications has been demonized (d) natural immunity has been discounted and (e) political and social medical forces have come out to demonize those who do not fall with the narrative that the vaccine was the be all and end all of the pandemic? perhaps yes.

thus, it is with great irony that doctors will be encouraged to tell patients essentially that they are likely to exaggerate or make up post vaccine symptoms. perhaps it is the medical profession itself that has created this problem with the lies, deceit and corruption they have employed during the pandemic. perhaps, as part of the recommended practice, while vaccinating individuals, they should provide patients a full disclosure as to the true value of the vaccination, the efficacy of natural immunity, and the medications available to them should they succumb to covid. likewise, they should go over in detail all of the possible side effects as well.

in sum, it would be interesting to observe the rates of individuals with psychosomatic diseases post vaccination should they be given an honest and comprehensive disclosure prior to the injection. not only would it be interested to see whether there are psychosomatic effects, it would be interested to see how many individuals opt to have the vaccination. the bottom line is that the medical profession essentially is now being reduced to the following joke: “how many lies does a doctor have to tell you before you are cured?” is this good medicine?

be well!!

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