Reading This Will Make You…Smarter…, Skepticism 101: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with the advent of expression, manipulation was invented. individuals can be convinced of anything. manipulation employed for dishonest purposes can be dangerous. thus, the ability to be skeptical arose.

this year is proof that skepticism is one of the most important tools of survival. thus, it is time to reflect on the many indicia of manipulation.

“moving the goal posts”

as soon as this occurs, caution is needed. goal post moving can be for three reasons: first, deception. second, incompetency, or third, new information requires a change. most of the time, the deception and incompetency are likely in play.

“changing definitions”

it is reported recently that the dictionary definition of a “woman” has been changed. one day, it is quite possible that the definition of “man” will be “see woman” and the definition of “woman” will be “see man.”

in my lifetime spanning six decades, the “climate movement” has gone from “global cooling” to “global warming” to “global climate change.” why is the definition changing for this movement?

united states covid-19 officials were excoriated by senator and doctor rand paul on the issue of “natural immunity.” the failure of these officials to discuss “natural immunity” evidenced patent dishonesty. austria adjusted their policies to account for “natural immunity.”

“if it is too good to be true, it most likely is”

you can take this phrase to the bankman or to the bank man! long term investors should look at the historical average return on the stock market are a benchmark. promises exceeding that amount on a long term basis are worthy of skepticism.

“occams razor”

the most likely explanation of matters is most likely the correct explanation.

“statistics lie”

statistics can be created for the purposes of deception. statistics were kept of those who “died with covid” as opposed to those who “died because of covid.” thus, a individual who was positive for covid but died as a result of a tragic car accident would be a statistic that could be used to manipulate government and medical policy. likewise, a city wishing to report a drop in crime need only instruct their police department to not write up crime reports.


some tap into emotions to convince others. facts don’t matter.


we live in the day where almost anyone can be an expert. imagine, someone can set up a website on “the ten commandments” and be labeled as some expert! people need to look further into the matter. this site, if one would look further, at best, serves as commentary on the ten commandment. further, it hopefully directs those interested to those with expertise.

“agendas are important”

knowing what people want allows one to analyze their truthfulness and intent.

in sum, “question authority?”

be well!!

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