Building Bridges Over The Moat: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

humans want to be special. this specialness may be derived in part with one’s group association. for some groups, this uniqueness is suffering. martyrdom can be special.

past wrongs and tragedies of past generations carry forward with them a strange self-esteem based upon victimhood. the desire to be number one or special can take people to strange places.

on the other hand, past wrongs and transgressions serve as history lessons. understanding the past can perhaps be used to address issues both in the present and the future. for instance, history will judge some of the covid-19, responses unkindly. in some instances, healthy individuals were denied life saving medical treatment. it is important for society to have some cool, calm, and knowledgeable people to protect countries from going overboard. covid-19, has been a period of irrational hatred, contempt and discrimination. most of this was done with people believing that they were doing the right thing.

two populations, african americans and jews share many things in common. their specialness can be defined in part due to their suffering as well as their successes. they share slavery in their roots. they are people often defined by others. they share a love for the torah’s story of the exodus. they share a love for the the master of the universe’s famous words “let my people go.”

these two groups, in some part, also share each other. there is overlap. there are african american jews of all varieties. they perhaps can reach to the highest mantle of martydom!

recently, on a publicity tour, ms. whoopi goldberg took the opportunity to re-hash her baseless assertion concerning the holocaust being a “white on white” incident. despite efforts to educate her and a suspension from her news tv program, she either fails to acccept or understand that, to nazis, the jewish people were considered as a separate race. this separateness, in part, created a vehicle to get others to perform atrocities upon them. they were essentially de-humanized and worthy of extermination.

the nazi’s tactics should resonate in the african american community. lessons can be learned on seeing how other groups have been subject to discrimination are important. the same is so for the jewish community. understanding and appreciating african americans’ discrimination is an essential lesson.

thus, both communities, recognizing how interrelated their issues are, have worked together to address them and should continue to maintain this connection. doors can be opened for both sides. there have been opportunities where african americans and jews have mentored each other. bridges can be built to avoid being stuck in the moat. there are opportunities for everyone to make it to the castle and enjoy the fruits.

ms. goldberg has selfishly taken the moment to intentionally create division. with this being her second go at her failed understanding of the nazi’s intent, one can argue that it is meant to stoke publicity for herself. her comments have placed her back in the media. “whoop ye” goldberg knows that jews will react to her comments. fighting anti-semitism is much like preventing a fire. even a little spark must be put out immediately. a burning and sustaining fire is intolerable. the jewish response may be perceived by some as attacking a long suffering african american woman. thus, ms. goldberg’s actions are intended to place communities at odds with each other.

i wonder if ms. goldberg knows where the word “ghetto” comes from. in the early 1500s in venice, ghetto was used to describe the area of the city where jews were confined and segregated to live. ghettos expanded to other places in europe. per a time magazine article, after the jewish emancipation in europe, the term died out until it was brought back to europe via nazi germany. nazis apparently liked the term ghetto. the term ghetto was brought to america to describe housing segregation against african americans. historically, jews and african american share the term “ghetto.”

in sum, ms. goldberg’s antics serve only herself. they trigger jewish people’s instinctual need to stamp out the flames of anti-semitism. this may trigger some to defend ms. goldberg. she is the vehicle creating conflict. she is not one who is seeking to build bridges. rather, she wishes for others to spend time in unpleasant waters. you may ask, “what is she smoking?” in contrast, members of the african american community have spoken out with passion with respect to anti-semitism issues. the jewish community should be blessed and thankful to have these individuals supporting them.

may we all find a way to help each other to have wonderful and fulfilling lives.

be well!!

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