Celebrating 700 Posts With Blog Tips & Thoughts: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

as the big 700th post was coming up, i started to panic. what great insights were there to share? blog success also comes with blog failure. this year was one of blog was one of roadblocks as well of blog realities. thus, we will discuss “search engine” censorship, the “marketing” of the blogging community, and the “status quo” nature of search engines.

search engine censorship: believe it or not, this website, one dedicated to ten commandments’ values and morals is “search engine” censored. search by the website name and you will not find it. the likes of microsoft deem this type of content offensive. microsoft, whose search engine is “bing” apparently partners with other “alleged” search engines. thus, a website ironically called “freespoke” is employing a censoring search engine. “free speech” is always what you think it is. likewise, so called “echo friendly” search engine ecosia is the same. the thetcp.org is censored there was well. i believe that there were two stories that may have caused some of the censorship. both of them, ironically were discussing stories from mainstream media. one was about an israeli’s druze’s success. the other was asserting that teen suicide was in part a product of government drug policy.

advice: if you wish to have controversial content, consider multiple blogs. keeping your safe content separate prevent censorship. don’t let your hard work, time and financial commitment all suffer.

site promotion: wordpress has a feature in which you can pay to promote your blog or posts from your blog. for those bloggers who post as a labor of love, this is disappointing. bloggers not seeking compensation are treated as second class citizens even by wordpress. if paying for promotion continues to build, those who either cannot afford or do not wish to spend money, will have their blog growth stunted or curtailed entirely. a competitor paying for similar content to be promoted can stifle one’s blogging efforts. sometimes, its not your fault. to the contrary, mr. allen estrin of prageru success indicated that promotion of the content was as integral to their success as their content. he analogized to the movie industry. films, if they are to be successful, have promotional budgets.

advice: as someone not yet ready to commit financially to a blog which is not intended to generate revenue, i will be creating a page to help promote other’s blogs. hopefully, others will reciprocate. thus, bloggers can cross promote each other. while i may not be into gardening or cooking, i am more than happy to promote a good site even if it is not relevant to my blog.

in sum, i wish all bloggers continued success next year. if you have a blog you would like to have listed on my blog page, let me know.

be well!!

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