The Most Important Story of The Year: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a tragic story evidences one of society’s biggest problems. how should society address individuals who are both violent and are incapable of remorse? this issue has great implication to other aspects of how society operates.

a mother was recently shot to death by her 10 year old son. her crime? not giving into her son’s request for a piece of equipment used for virtual reality headset. the son, according to reports, has no remorse over the incident. the child’s history is disturbing.

this 10- year-old history has all the trapping of a future serial killer. prior to the alleged murder, he had treatment for mood and conduct disorders, had rage issues, heard imaginary people, had a history of physically attacking his seven year old cousin on the same day of the alleged murder, engaged in animal cruelty via swinging a puppy by its tail, and engaged in arson by filling up a balloon with an inflammatory liquid, setting a fire and causing an explosion.

regardless of his alleged murder, the child’s future was troubling. compounding upon this is that he allegedly has not expressed any remorse over his mother’s death. rather, his main concern is that his electronic devices, i.e. tablet, are taken care of while he remains in custody. from the reports, his family, at this time, is abandoning him. he is an island that is a child.

his youth has not deterred prosecutors from trying the 10 years old as an adult. he faces up to 60 years in prison.

one must wonder, is the criminal justice system designed for such an individual? a child who most likely has untreatable pathology will be a danger to society throughout his life. it would be a crime to allow him to be set free upon society.

the inability to either understand or appreciate the difference between good and evil makes his participation in society a danger. this, in combination with his violent tendencies, places the lives over all who are around him at risk. while his fatal act involved a firearm, he appears to be comfortable using his hands and incindiary devices to achieve his goals.

what purpose would it serve to incarcerate this child in a prison for a fixed period of time. there is no punishment for an individual with no remorse. his spending time behind bars will do nothing. rather, he is best placed in a facility on a permanent basis so that he can live out his life. society needs to be protected from what will likely occur if he is freed. people will die. people will be harmed. the child, however, should not be judged as a moral individual. he should be viewed as a pathological tragedy as opposed to a criminal. he most likely is incapable of “doing the right thing.”

the family members deserve much sympathy over the tragedy. one must appreciate that dealing with this child prior to the incident must have been exceedingly difficult.

in sum, this case is one for which “criminal justice reform” actually applies. this matter falls far beyond the notion of “mental capacity” to either commit a crime or stand trial. rather, this matter is one in which there is a question of whether the individual has the “moral capacity” to fit into society.

be well!!

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