Foundation to Transformation: Awakening Yourself: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in a lecture on the book of exodus, professor richard elliott friedman notes how moses transformed from a man with communication problems to an individual, who in the book of deuteronomy, was able to become an eloquent speaker.

how? transformation often comes with foundation.

moses, at the time of his burning bush encounter with the master of the universe, had an abundance of valuable experience. albeit that it was not in speaking, he was experienced with the egyptian royal court. he presumably spent time there as the pharoah’s daughter’s son. he knew and understood what transpired there. likewise, he had extensive experience in traversing living beings, flock, over wilderness. he was able to find water and shelter for the animals he tended. finally, he was painfully aware how hebrews could mistreat their own. also, he was aware that that they had no problem speaking out against authority.

in present day, there is an unlikely sports broadcaster on television. prior to broadcasting, he had one of the greatest basketball and life coaches, mr. john wooden. likewise, he had one of the greatest college basketball careers as well as championship success in the nba. as such, he possessed a tremendous understanding of the game as well understanding discipline and commitment to character.

mr. walton, like moses, suffered from speech problems. after his basketball career was over, he embarked on an unlikely career, that of a sports broadcaster. not did he succeed, he marked himself broadcast legend with his own unique style of positivity.

it is reported that his speech problem “became so bad he couldn’t even say “thank you” properly.” mr. walton’s told of his problem that he “used to be really embarrassed about stuttering. But now I realize that it’s something that is a part of me — something that I have to deal with and work on every day. If I don’t work on it, I’m not going to be able to do my job.”

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in sum, both moses and mr. walton had foundations which played a role in them overcoming their speech difficulties. a lesson to take away from them is that if you wish to achieve success in life, one must always look to be building oneself up with knowledge, skills and discipline. having this in one’s background can allow one to take on more challenges and achieve further greatness.

be well!!

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