Did This Debate Destroy The Work Ethic? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

children may wonder about these two questions: why do we have to work? and why was childbirth painful?

thousands of years ago, some can claim that mythology was employed to explain these questions. the story of adam and eve and their expulsion from the garden of eden served as the explanation. humanity’s disobedience to the master of the universe resulted in a life of labor and that childbirth was to be painful.

presently, children asking these questions are being given different answers. the pro-choice movement premised abortion rights as a women’s health issue. while jewish law places the mother’s life ahead of the expectant child, the notion of life threatening, in the roe vs. wade debate, the concept of life was reduced to the pregnant mother’s health. this notion was further reduced to justify abortion due to the uncomfortable nature of pregnancy. thus, the taking of a life force is justified to prevent “discomfort.” in esssence, the issue devolved into a quality of life debate. the reality of the situation is, almost by definition, pregnancy is both uncomfortable and will be painful. this concept expanded beyond abortion rights. children are taught and believe that they have a right to not feel “uncomfortable” with respect to all aspects of their lives.

work, almost by definition, is uncomfortable. most jobs require attendance, listening and following directions, and doing some physical activities. all of these items take away from recreation time and personal matters.

thus, children, who were raised under the premise that “what makes you uncomfortable is impermissible,” cannot handle the reality of work. it is “uncomfortable.” all professions, trades, and vocations involve some discomfort throughout the work day. again, this is the nature of work. children’s expectations, however, are that they are entitled to a “no discomfort” zones to do their tasks. their failure to handle the workplace is built on the false premise. as a result, they fail.

in sum, the concept of “uncomfortable” presents a serious problem to society. it is apparent that ancient peoples had a great understanding of it. it was so important to them that it was included at the very beginning of one of the world’s first books.

be well!!

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