Spare Us: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

if an extra-terrestrial recently descended onto planet earth, how would they view the world?

if they looked at the media, they would believe that the entitled “harry” was the most important thing on the planet. they could also identify him by his image.

how did this happen?

journalism continues its devolution into senseless entertainment and worse. sorry. pulitzer prizes are not handed out over wedding dress alteration drama.

the intelligence space alien may deduce that this deity “harry” is simply the latest product of consumerism. books must be sold and the news-entertainment complex is willing to oblige with the promotion of a so-called “spare” individual. consumerism, to its greatness, has elevated second-tier celebrity’s life to a pantheon of gods. this all done for the purpose of lining coffers with dollars.

the real needed reporting such was “whether california doing any conservation efforts to save the massive amount of rain water it just received?” or “what governments are doing to address the recent china covid-19, outbreak?” are not important. the best and the brightest are dedicated to participate in the orgy of consumerism. books must be sold!

in sum, save your “spare” money. there is a book that you can get for free that has all the trappings of this recent publication. there is a book with a freaky wedding, brothers fighting, kings and princes killing opponents, a child suffering the loss of a parent, the disrespecting of a parent, and adultery. it is a book where succession to the crown is legendary. save your money and pick up the bible. just go online, there are many free pdf versions available. in doing so, you can also learn about honoring one’s parents, telling the truth, and finding a way to make amends.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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