The Real Truth About George Santos: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

new york congressional representative george santos sparked media outrage almost as soon as he was elected into the united states congress. there are some who would label him as a pathological liar. practically every news media erupted with a flurry of stories of his fibs. there are those urging that he be removed from congress.

honesty is currently not a qualification to hold office in the united states. decades ago, a then senator was found to be a pathological liar. at the time, he dropped out from his presidential campaign. years later, however, the media assisted this individual getting elected both as vice president of the united states, two times, and as president of the united states. thus, calls for mr. santos to resign should be met with some degree of skepticism.

the real truth about george santos is that the new york media, some of allegedly the best news outlets in the united states, missed on mr. santos’ truthiness problem during the election cycle. despite santos being a serious candidate for congress, new agencies dropped the ball on investigating him. as a result, they deprived their readers, including voting constituency, to consider mr. santos’ factual discrepancies before they made a decision to elect him. would you say media malpractice?

as such, each and every article, post election, by the media is perhaps further evidence of their level of incompetency. the gray old lady, aka new york times, is officially senile. likewise, the new york post, which fought hard on the hunter biden lap top story, gets a fail as well. their reporting on celebrities’ underwear, or lack of, perhaps took precedence over everything else.

in conclusion, the real george santos’ story will be a detailed accounting of how news media missed this one. those responsible for the coverage of mr. santos’ campaign may be those deserving of the need to resign.

in sum, the public deserves an apology from the media. in the interim, i look forward to a george santos’ run for the white house. after all, c’mon man, anything is possible.

be well!!

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