The Problem Was Solved Thousands of Years Ago, The Portion “Bo, ” Exodus 12:49: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

There shall be one law for the native and for the stranger who resides in your midst.

exodus 12:49

the torah portion ‘bo,” which tells of the happenings right before the children of israel depart from egypt in their exodus is rich with material. the line: “there shall be one law for the native and for the stranger who resides in your midst” should stand out. the children of israel, when they left eqypt, would not be alone. it was noted that there was a great mixed multitude. exodus 12:38.

thus, from the onset, the society and nation to be created would be one in which each individual had a right to be treated just like everyone else under the law.

in contrast, a strong argument can be made that american culture is rejecting this concept. there are groups which are seeking laws which provide certain groups disparate treatment from others. the concept of “equal result” is working to supplant the concept of “equal treatment.” the danger of “equal result” is that it inevitably will require disparate treatment under the law.

in sum, the master of the universe, in one sentence, laid out the framework for a form of justice and respect for all within a society. the one sentence, however, should be taken within the context of the torah. the torah’s laws must be viewed in their totality. as such, beyond equal treatment, the torah addresses the issues of the “haves” and the “have nots.” fair treatment does not abrogate those who have from providing to those in need. thus, the torah attempts to balance both capitalism and socialism within its construct.

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