The Pandemic of the “Know Nothings” …and “Why?” A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the information’s financial value is evidenced from an old rothchild family tale. a rothchild, due to his need to know, made arrangements to the most up to date information with respect to the battle of waterloo. with the flow of information not as it is today, he became the first person who not only knew of about the war but had the ability to make financial investment moves based upon it. in other words, this story created the narrative that timely information about a real event can be used to create financial success.

with communications’ innovation, obtaining advanced “real” news is competitive. people pay for gambling tips from so-called betting experts who have the “inside” information on games. further, this is why there are laws against “insider trading” of stock.

the concept of knowledge about real matters translating into financial gain has succumbed to a disease. some have figured out that there is no need to have “real” information to be able to have financial gain. the same result can be obtained with “fake” information. power and wealth can be achieved by simply making something up and getting others to believe that it is true. these individuals, being on the inside and knowing that others will follow the misinformation, can take advantage of the situation. for instance, individuals have been accused of “pumping and dumping” with respect to crypto currency.

microsoft maven bill gates is an example one of these individuals who recognizes that he wants to be within the inner circle of information flow. with no true qualification, bill gates 2.0, became the insider on all of the world’s catastrophes. not only that, he holds himself out as tantamount to an authority on the topic with solutions. with no degree in medicine in infectious diseases and not phd in climatology, he is the one who is directing the information flow on both the pandemic and climate change. mr. gates, when he embarked on his microsoft career has not even completed his undergraduate degree. with money, power and name recognition, he injected himself to become an influencer on these topics. one must wonder whether mr. gates, and others like him, are manipulating information for their own enrichment.

this phenomena happens everywhere and you may not be aware of it. i spoke to an individual who was involved in a well-respected organization. i was shocked when he admitted that the organization at times issues “disinformation” rather than information. in other words, they took a bogus position and hoped that it would influence those in the audience. the audience they presented to included influential individuals who had the power to making the bogus concept a reality.

in sum, this dynamic of false or disinformation has led to a misinformed and manipulated population. they now suffer from a “thought sickness.” in their minds, people invested into this bogus information form negative beliefs towards those who express doubt or disagree. these people are are somehow sick, evil or inferior. sadly, this “thought sickness,” in reality, has become the real pandemic impacting society across the world. as i have said before, as a joke or as a thought provoker, and will say again “question authority?”

be well!!

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