The Psychic Cat Scores Another Victory For Truth: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it did not take very long for the psychic cat declare victory on the post, the pandemic of the know nothings.

we must first tread upon “hot button” issues. there are many emotionally charge “hot button” matters. the psychic cat contends that many of them involve financial gain for players involved with the controversy. this skepticism should be divorced from far flung conspiracy theorists.

it is reported that in 2019, prior to the full blown pandemic, bill gates invested over 50 millions dollars in a company that worked on the mrna vaccine for pfizer. it is reported that his investment had a 10 found return. essentially, mr. gates made approximately $500 million dollars in profit. during the pandemic, mr. gates pushed the vaccines. at that time, however, one must wonder if he ever qualified his remarks on the fact that he bet $50 million dollars that companies making the vaccine would have their stock values increase. controversy has now arose in that mr. gates is admitting that the vaccines were flawed and that there are better solutions. yes. there are better solutions. better solutions which mr. gates most likely has already invested in and is ready to make profit concerning. bill gates’ business model remains the same as with microsoft. he understands that there is money to be made in updates and new versions.

from present day and moving forward, will journalists have the integrity to demand mr. gates disclose his investments that are related to his so-called advocacy to save the world? with the psychic cat out of the bag, any journalist not asking these questions are most likely beholden to mr. gates or should be assessed as a fool.

going beyond the pandemic, “hot button” matters are often monetized. while you and i can discuss pro-life and pro-choice, politicians and planned parenthood are using the issue to money launder. this is part of how it operates. the government gives money to planned parenthood. campaign donations flow back to politicians from planned parenthood-affiliated individuals. while you may harbor your belief in right to choose, it is also being employed to raid taxpayer coffers.

the “trans” issues as well are fueled by money. the now so-called field of medicine is more than happy to encourage the phenomena as it is perceived as a money making opportunity in the field of medicine. further, these medical procedures are covered under health insurance, there is likely more money to be made. i can recall an article about fibromyalgia in australia and it described that there was a change in its recognition for benefits. after that, diagnoses for the condition dropped within the country. the article linked references some controversy. careabout in essence, money and profits are the drivers of the medical profession. treating patients is now secondary.

in sum, it is incumbent that you develop awareness of motives when formulating your beliefs. personally, i know of many people whose lives and careers have been destroyed so that mr. bill gates could make $500 million in profit for essentially scare mongering the world. meow!

be well!!

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