Do Liberals Lack Self Awareness? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

not too long ago, a conservative majority on the us supreme court majority, overturned roe vs. wade. liberals, who clung to roe as conservatives cling to their firearms, trumpeted for judicial reform. stacking the court with additional justices was suggested. they needed to somehow weaken a conservative court so that they could prevail.

flash forward to the present, united states’ liberals are decrying the new conservative israeli government for judicial reform intended to diminish their court’s authority.

these two stories logically lead to one conclusion. liberals only stand for one principal: “win at all cost.” lies, deception and unconscionable acts are all justified in pursuit of a win. bad social policy, bad medicine, and bad science are acceptable as long as they help liberals win.

thus, we have seen liberals engage in outrageous conduct just to get the “w.”

the winning philosophy is a dangerous one. i am a better lawyer as a result of some of my losses. losses can be opportunities to learn and improve. losses can allow me to confidently tell a client to settle a case based upon past experience. trying factual issues and disputed legal issues always comes with it the risk of losing. due to that, i am always trying to improve myself as a lawyer.

in sum, a true danger, in both society and personally, is to engage with individuals who are “win at all costs.” frankly, those possessing such quality should not be afforded any concessions. the reason is that is only a matter of time in which they will be back seeking more concessions. they will always come back as they can never concede to others. they are always right…or is it left?

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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