The Psychic Cat Outfoxes Fox: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

what does a fox say?


with big tech and social media working against them, independent bloggers need to take victory laps when they occur. these bloggers have the great advantage of instantaneous posting.

instantaneously publishing is a means to combat one of the fascinating parts of humanity; humans’ ability to come up or formulate the same ideas. thus, small bloggers can get ahead of the game in the thought competition.

as such, did the psychic cat connect with fox opinion writer douglas mackinnon on an astral plane to discuss the willy wonka editing controversy and how it can impact the nature of history? mr. mackinnon, in his piece, expressed his concern that these editing efforts will ultimately be employed to change history. fox posted his opinion on 2/21/23, in the late pm. on 2/20/23, in the early am, published A History Lesson From the Great Glass Elevator: A Ten Commandments’ Tale expressing the concerns that changes in books impact children’s ability to appreciate and understand history.

one wonders how many individuals reading of the willie wonka editing independently became concerned. additionally, are people seeing this issue to the fact that capitalism has embraced socialism for the sake of profit.

be well!!

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