The Adjective Reality aka In Defense of Don Lemon: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

adjectives are taken way too seriously. recently, cnn news anchor don lemon’s interpretation of “prime” is the latest example of adjective ridiculousness.

GOAT is an adjective that gets my goat. the GOAT adjective which stands for “greatest of all time” is moronic. i would not be surprised if those condemning mr. lemon’s prime usage use GOAT. the term is nonsensical. as time continues, there is the possibility that the “greatest of all time” will be someone in the future. thus, until time ends, we will never truly know the answer to the questions. another assertion that does not not sense is when it is reported that the “oldest” person in the world died. the fact that they died implies that they are no longer the “oldest” person in the world. someone else has the title.

not too long ago, gay men, like mr. lemon, were sought out by straight women for their fashion choices. a number of gay men have made fame and fortunes in the women’s fashion industry. these men, as well as some straight men, offer women a different perspective that contributes to women’s fashion choices. they see women differently than women see themselves.

when discussing politics and presidential candidate’s use of the word “prime,” mr. lemon took issue with it. he expressed the fact that there is an opinion out there that “prime” for women was in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. he said google it. i did too. some of the results that talked about reproduction. he was right. despite having some validity to his assertion, he received blow back from his co-hosts and then practically the entire world.

these people condemning mr. lemon fail to appreciate marketing concepts. i would not be surprised is they would have loved a pitch for “new coke” and hated the concept of the “mc rib.” it is important to note that it was ms. haley who asserted that candidates over 75 should have mandatory mental competency tests. her assertion is not well thought out. the sad reality is that ALL of politicians, irrespective of age, should have such testing. she could have pointed to the state of pennsylvania for that fact.

the term “prime,” when speaking about politics, is a meaningless term. one could argue that the great greta thunberg is already past her prime before she will turn 21. menachem begin, to the contrary, sat in the back of the knesset for many years until he rose to prominence when became “prime” minister in his mid-60s.

thus, don lemon may have given candidate haley some great advice. prime is a bad word to describe politicians. people in their “political prime” can be total fools; i offer up bernie sanders as proof.

mr. lemon’s comments, in reality, opened a wound created by feminism. he reminded women of the fact they have a biological clock. they were reminded that they a limited period of time to enter into motherhood.

while women’s fertility makes their time in their 20s to 40 important, men too have their problems as they pass their “prime.” baldness, obesity, prostate and colon problems are the wonderful things that men begin to experience as they leave their prime. during the course of my forties, the daily hairs in sink basin were depressing; the bald spot hurt even worse.

with over thirty years of lawyering, i have conducted an informal survey with many of the female attorneys i have interacted with. over time, i have many of them marry and have children. i always ask them “would you rather stay home and watch your kid(s), or keep working?” the results, to date, are 100 percent of them would prefer to stay at home and raise their children. they all confess motherhood is special.

in sum, we must thank the great don lemon for giving great advice to ms. haley and for exposing how motherhood is being severely undervalued within society. mr. lemon brilliantly got candidate haley tremendous amounts of publicity for her. should he step down from his position at cnn, he may have a bright future as a political strategist.

be well!!

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