Take A Pause: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the world’s non-stop insanity, mad thoughts rushing through your brain, the bright shine of your computer monitor, and high speed internet access can often lead to one thing, trouble.

while i have many great stories and topics to touch, these half written articles are not “post-worthy.” an organized, well-thought out and crafted text is just not in the works today. other demands are calling. putting out articles six days a week has its hazards. i prefer to not address a topic rather than provide some weak and perhaps overreactionary content.

followers, please appreciate the bloggers out there that may miss a date or two. your reward may be a better read.

producing creative material has its consequences. often people reach back to their old material to recycle them as new. many consumers that enjoy this serving that gives them their daily chuckle or affirmation. they need it with their coffee. we see this with many long running tv series. often the produce an episode very similar to past ones.

in sum, organizing thoughts takes time. to this i misappropriate a line from the comedy classic, this is spinal tap and say ” the difference between genius and stupidity can simply be 24 hours of creative thought and editing.

be well!!

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Published by biblelifestudies

I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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