Thinking On Your Feet: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i was scheduled to take an orthopedic medical specialist’s deposition in his long beach office. i left early from los angeles to get there early to decompress. finding that i perform better when relaxed, i grabbed a cup of coffer from the medical offices’ downstairs snack shop. prior to going upstairs and take the doctor’s sworn under oath testimony, i decided to use the restroom. after finishing, i went up the elevator to the medical office. opening the office’s door, i immediately encountered both my opposing counsel and a female court reporter. my trusted reporter of many decades looked at me with concern and her eyes guided me to my pants. (oh, @@@###! my zipper was down!) with both of them still staring at me at this moment of embarrassment, i declared “i’m sorry, i thought we were deposing a urologist today!” with that said, we all had a good laugh.

thinking on your feet, contrary to what one would believe, is not spontaneous. for decades, my brother and i often practice quickly responding matters in humorous, stupid or morbid ways. likewise, i have found that many people carry with them tried and true lines to use in what would seem a spontaneous moment. interacting with these individuals, attempts at spontaneity become monotony.

comedy clubs serve as a place when performer practice their spontaneous act and their quips to a live audience. many decades ago, adam sandler made a special appearance when i was at a club. there, he tried out material for an upcoming show. understanding the audience reaction to their act assists a comedian in fine tuning the material.

many spontaneous acts- even miracles- are the product of much work and preparation. thinking on your feet is the same. it is a craft perfected with practice. beyond practice, it is one that is enhanced with knowledge, insight, wisdom and understanding about both the world and human nature. thinking on their feet is not the arena for an empty vessel.

in sum, much of the world’s happenings are the product of time, effort and also trial and error. while things appear to be in the moment, they are the result of a long process. with most things in life, your success is built upon a foundation of your efforts and experiences. who knows, you might be able to turn a moment of humiliation into mutual laughter.

be well!!

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