A Personal Message To Scott Adams [Which You All Should Read]: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

mr. adams, there are people who think they are very smart and there are people who are actually very smart. intellect does not necessarily translate into correctness in thought.

my credentials are that i am smart. my genius i.q. led my to find people who have greater intellect than myself. finding and interacting with these bright people make me more informed. my top three intellects that i have personally encountered are my sister’s brother in law- a md ph.d. pediatric neurosurgeon, a ucla classmate who graduated class valedictorian in chemistry, and the late and great professor eliezer slomovic. dr. slomovic, a passionate intellect, was so brilliant that he dreamed in different languages. one time, he dreamed in a language he didn’t speak. despite that, he still understood it.

mr. adams, while i appreciate your dilbert success, your alleged attempt to bring a discussion on race into the public dialogue, and your career of inspiring personal success upon others, i find your popular podcast to be full of incorrect and incomplete thoughts, and missing points. it is not good look to attempt to be a “know it all.” this is especially the case when you, to your credit, admitted you were wrong about “covid-19.” this admission begs the question as to whether you are wrong about other things as well.

after viewing a number of your episodes, i find your commentaries to be devoid of discussing matters in terms of history, morals, values and culture.

for example, you were impressed about ronald reagan’s intelligence by watching a speech that he gave. this impression lacked context. not only was mr. reagan a former actor who read lines for a living, at one point in his life, he was paid by a large corporation to go around the country and give speeches as to how america was great. mr. reagan’s masterful speech can be best described by from years of experience and great speech writing and not intellect. mr. reagan’s intellect and wisdom is better defined by the cabinet meeting he held in response on israel’s bombing of iraq’s nuclear power mr. reagan listened to most of his cabinet members express extreme positions on the matter. mr. reagan, however, went contrarian to the majority. he, as history shows, made the right call. for those interested, there is video of alexander haig who explains what occurred. in sum, speeches are not a source of judging one’s intellect.

with respect to morals, you take lies as being lies. to you lies that are ping ponged back and forth by the left and right. lies are not balls. the fact that everyone lies does not absolve it from being an immoral act. we see the dangerous consequences of lies. individuals become emboldened to take their lies to the next level. gender, climate change, and covid are complete lies. barak obama, for whom your admire, owns two expensive beach front properties. does that tell you something? further, if they were true, open debate would be allowed. people would not have their lives and careers destroyed by speaking to the contrary. an important point, with all of the things happening, is to accept that lies and greed often work in tandem. following the money explains alot in this world.

with respect to values and culture, you fail to appreciate them. african american students, even if they are admitted to schools, does not guarantee success. family values are in place. most of my african american clients have all of their children attend and graduate college. they push their children to succeed in school. beyond motivation, certain areas and communities exert anti-intellectual pressures upon students. my father’s secretary’s daughters, for whom my father mentored, were brutally mocked and derided by their hispanic family members for the audacity of going to college. they were perceived as “trying to be better” than those who are hard working and uneducated.

in sum, your display of intelligence and techniques is impressive but incomplete. while your insights might be helpful, i believe that those following them should be critical of what you are saying. while you are the smartest person in the room when you deliver your pod casts, it may not be in the case in the outside world. if you would like to have a cup of coffee with me, its on me.

be well!!

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