Breaking Down To Build Back Up, Ki Tisa: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a time to break and a time to build.

ecclesiastes 3:3

ki tisa, this week’s torah portion, is essential ten commandments’ reading- two sets of the ten commandments written, with one broken, and the tale of golden calf. can anyone ask for more? how about an attempt to shed some light on the matter.

humans can be arrogant. arrogance can be derived from perceived superiority. one’s belief of achievement can lead to arrogance. one’s profound experience can lead to arrogance. one’s believe that they are special can lead to arrogance.

in ki tisa, we learn of this arrogance in the spiritual realm. while my childhood impression of the golden calf incident was that the children of israel were in a panic over moses not coming down from the mountain on time. it was their worry and despair that led them to the crafting of an idol, the golden calf. when re-thinking the event, an alternative argument can be made. the crafting of the golden calf was an event that led to a feast and celebration. the celebration led to merriment. this leads to the contention that the golden calf and the feast relating to it was an attempt to exert spiritual authority. in essence, they thought they equals to moses in the field of religious practice, authority, and belief.

there was a reason for their arrogance. these individuals were the most unique group of people to ever exist on the planet. unlike others who must have faith, they did not. they experienced the divine presence. they did not have to believe in a god. god was there with them.

when moses came down from the mountain to see the idolatry, he is angered and smashes the tablets containing the ten commandments.

besides out of anger, was moses’ act intended to break down this spiritual arrogance?

there notion of breaking down individuals to build them back up. coaches and teachers employ a technique of breaking one down to build them back up. the premise being that individuals can get so overconfident that they become incapable of learning. thus, destroying their confidence allows them to once again be receptive to further learning and growth. arrogance can stunt development.

in sum, the master of the universe was apt in calling the children of israel “stiff necked.” sadly, this trait led to many times in which a people have been subject to the learning process of being broken and to learn and grow to build up.

be well!!

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