Monet-Eye-Zation: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

actor, mr. will smith, famous for striking academy award’s host, comedian, mr. chris rock, once made one thing clear to his wife. in a video, the actor/rapper essentially expressed that hi social media presence was sacred. perhaps, he considers it more sacred than marital fidelity.

the “click” economy created by the internet created a new revenue source for celebrities. while mr. smith may not be an economics professor, he has wisely appreciated the equation: social media presence translates into followers and followers translate into financial opportunities. in essence, “eye balls” are “dollars.”

mr. smith has been reportedly with mr. chris rock’s comedy show in which he finally addressed his impression of the “slap viewed all over the world.” mr. rock’s netflix comedy special savages mr. smith and crew with humorous verbal upper cuts and jabs. having only seen some of the segments, one must wonder if the crowd began to shout “rock-y!” “rock-y!” after all, mr. rock, in the show, boasted that he could take a punch like the great boxer pacquiao.

mr. smith’s upset could be that mr. rock took a page out of the smith family playbook of never letting a social media opportunity be capitalized upon. mr. rock, however, appears to have proved that he possessed the upper hand on how to make money over the incident. rather than let others like oprah make the money, he chose a platform upon so he could profit. as such, he got a $40,000,000, netflix payday.

in sum, mr. rock, due to his fame and craft, was in the unique position to come out on top. he provided the world a master class lesson in “monet eye zation.” in the end, his prize fighter level compensation may set a record for a boxer who only took one punch and never through one back. mr. smith appear to be left with the coveting mr. rock’s boost social media presence. perhaps, it is time for mr. smith to both personally apologize to mr. rock and congratulate him on his social media success.

be well!!

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