The “Pro” You Can’t Talk About: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

proverbs are the elusive “pro.” is it because people don’t want to use the incorrect one? or, is it because they reveal our failure to take heed to wisdom that is over two thousand years old?

in ancient times, middle eastern societies collected wisdom. short sentences with wise words had value and provided direction in life. collections of these sayings were made into books. one of these books is proverbs and it is part of the bible. the work is attributed to king solomon.

there is one proverb, 17:15, which explains the predicament society has imposed upon itself. “he who vindicates the wicked and condemns the righteous are an abomination to the lord.” today, “abominable” politicians and social justice advocates have transformed our society with criminal justice reform. when wisdom is not employed, things turn to %#$^!

theft and bail reform has resulted in unnecessary deaths and losses. demonized citizens, business owners and store workers now have their lives and futures in jeopardy when they are forced to confront “glorified” thieves and criminals. normal people are the new criminals. criminals are the new victims.

hardworking store clerks, on multiple times, have been charged with crimes for defending themselves or their co-workers against shoplifter or customer violence. in new york, two clerks who were arrested and faced murder charges.

why do store clerks protect their stores? most likely because these hard-working individuals are wise. they understand their livelihood depends on their stories making money. unprofitable stores close and workers lose their jobs. being out of work, they become unable to support their families. this trend has expanded to large retailers. some have given up trying to make money in lawless cities and areas.

proverbs were written in hebrew. in proverb, 17:15 bad or evil, could have been perhaps used in place of term wicked. wicked, for many, is simply the title of a hit broadway play. word use is important.

what should we call this ongoing encouragement for criminals to beat, kill, and destroy the livelihood of store clerks? should we call it “wicked,” “bad,” or “evil?” there are those who call the conduct “equity.” yes, perhaps “equity” will someday be synonymous for evil, wicked or bad. maybe, it already has.

be well!!

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