Some Justice For Ee Lee: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

over the past years, i have frequently searched on line for information concerning the ee lee murder case. while there were no news accounts, there is some good news. mr. kevin spencer, jr, according to court records, has plead guilty to two counts: 1st-degree reckless homicide and 2nd degree sexual assault/use of force.

the plea was taken on 3/7/23, and his sentencing hearing is to be on 6/2/23.

the remaining accused, mr. kamare lewis is set for a plea hearing on 3/16/23. based upon the hearing scheduled, it is likely that a guilty plea has been agreed to on the counts.

thus, it appears that there will be some conclusion to this case. it would be important for the public, however, to understand the evidence that led these two individuals to plead guilty. what were the conclusions of the dna testing? was there ever any recovery of the cell phone video? what were the witnesses going to testify concerning what happened?

hopefully, the lee family will not have any criminal trials to reopen this painful tragedy.

in sum, there are real people who need real justice. this real justice deserves as much media attention as those fortunate people who claim victimhood.

be well!!

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