Sens-orship: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

publishing can reveal secrets. once out, all the eyes possess compelling moments and thoughts. personal memories become collective memories. not all secrets, however, our ours to share. sensibility matters.

i am tortured by one story which I will never write. i witnessed an event that happened to someone else. due to the event’s sensitive nature, i have accepted that other individual owns the story. it is theirs. the irony to that is that it is quite possible that the individual may not even remember the matter. out of concern for the individual, i refuse to either reopen a wound or create a new one.

self-censoring’s existence gives rise to a bigger question. are people’s attitudes driven by what cannot be discussed? do they, out of their sensibilities, decline to offer to the world important stories that influence their lives? are their matter they cannot share? as a professional searcher of motivation. i appreciate that there are some matters that are hidden.

in sum, to better understand the world, one must appreciate that not every matter is an open book. attitudes and motivations shaping the world can rise from data we will never ascertain. a talented searcher of the truth, however, can be capable of identifying these occurrences. while one may not get at the truth, they may find the gap.

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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