The Fact Check Made It Even Worse: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

how dare you!

greta thunberg

in an attempt to salvage the reputation of climate activist greta thunberg, we can thank newsweek’s “fact checkers” for exposing ms. thunberg as an incompetent or worse. an investigation into her alleged deleting of an embarrassing post revealed something far worse.

newsweek’s fact check describes the post that has been bandied about by right wingers to discredit ms. thunberg. it noted that “all of the tweets refer to a screengrab of a message, allegedly posted by greta thunberg on June 21, 2018, that stated: “a top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”

newsweek points out ms. thunberg referred to an article and that “the article, which quotes harvard professor james anderson, does not say that humanity will be wiped out in five years, however.”

thus, inadvertently, in an attempt to fact check ms. thunberg’s detractors, they, in fact, fact checked her original post. they revealed her post was grossly inaccurate.

based upon this fact, one can argue that she lied or distorted the content. one can also argue that her statement revealed her lack of intellectual capacity and knowledge of science to be able to accurately describe an article about climate change. either way, newsweek discredited her from being a trusted “climate activist.” she is either deceitful or incapable of expressing the alleged science of global climate change with any accuracy. she cannot, and should not, be relied upon by any policy makers. newsweek reveals she is not qualified to lecture anyone about the topic. false information, regardless of whether it is a lie or an inaccuracy, can be harmful in causing panic and enacting bad policy.

in sum, i dare to wonder if newsweek ever fact checked ms. thunberg’s original 2018 post.

be well!!

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