Nothing Happens In Isolation- A Nashville Speculation: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in nashville, a 28-year-old returned to their elementary school and committed murderous acts. it is reported that a number of individuals who knew the 28 year old commented essentially that they were in disbelief that the individual could have done should an act.

years ago, in one of my little read posts, i discussed the unsavory topic of the two mass murderers for whom i had past relationships. one was an attorney that i litigated cases against, and the other was my tenant. he was an attorney as well. at the time i knew them, i never believed that they would have ever engaged in such horrible conduct. they were both pleasant individuals.

my disbelief concerning these two individuals led me investigate what occurred. both of these individuals had encountered life changing moments prior to their violent acts. one had gone through unsuccessful medical treatment for a serious medical condition. the other was in a crisis due to the termination of a profitable business relationship.

with the nashville shooter, before all the details are revealed, i speculate that there was some life crisis that brought them to this point. this individual was transgender. and was rapidly approaching on a life milestone. turning 30 years of age is a moment of deep reflection. as a teen, when i worked in a book store, i witnessed many store clerks, on their 30th birthday, spending the day in the stockroom sulking. despite their intelligence and education, their life trajectory was not promising. thus, with the nashville shooter, it is quite possible that this individual suffered from deep concern over where their life was going. they perhaps did not see a future for themselves.

if there is a lesson to be learned from such a tragedy, it is that individuals need to work on coping skills throughout entire lives. further, they need to appreciate the directions that life will take them. there are times when one can forecast problems and work to avert or minimize them. at times, there is the need to reach out to others, or to a higher power, as a means of finding the strength to weather the most difficult of times in a positive manner. taking the lives of others in a personal act of self-destruction is a cruel solution solving nothing.

be well!!

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