The Psychic Cat’s Hot Take: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while the complete dynamics leading to the nashville school shooting tragedy will not likely be evidenced until the shooter’s manifesto is made public, the psychic cat has been proved once again to be correct. in an earlier post, our feline noted that, in the case of someone seemingly without a violent past, serious emotional events triggered the need to use a trigger to commit atrocities. in the prior post, an unresolved medical problem and a life changing financial dispute served an the impetus to two mass shootings. the psychic cat had meaningful contact with both individuals long before their horrible acts. the cat opined that it is possible that extreme emotionality can break the moral compass as much as intoxication, i.e. drunkenness, in normal individuals.

the shooter apparently was experiencing a cluster of emotion packed events. she was becoming transgender and gay and was beginning to outwardly identify, she was on the autism scale, she recently experienced the death of someone she had attraction to, she recently graduated art school, and she had unresolved family issues with her lifestyle choice.

from the facts, there was about a two year period emotional build up leading up to the shooting. one of these items others may not view as stressful. an art career was not a likely a great choice for this individual. artists often struggle with emotions; they doubt their talents and place themselves with many opportunities to experience rejection. people without mental health pathology struggle as artists.

given the many factors, if she expressed in her manifesto that there was nothing “in this life” for her, it would not have be a surprise. she told others that she was looking forward to the life after this life.

this psychic accuracy is a matter of family pride. getting the correct assessments of events is confirmation of our accurate world understanding. this cat has made a living, as a lawyer, by delivering expert prognostication to clients.

with this said, i transition to the solution. the societal problem in this situation was not a “mental health” problem. rather, it is an “opportunity” problem. bad advice, bad choices, lack of opportunity and diminishing faith contribute to spiraling emotions which lead to confounding mental health problems. life mentoring is the key. people who are competent in providing “good advice” can help possibly avert horrible events from happening. [sadly, there are many incompetents who offer advice.] from the fact pattern, there is a substantial amount of advice that could have been provided which could have diminished her compulsion for violence. if if mentors are not around, there is a book with stories of individuals who survived the most difficult of times. joseph’s story is one of them. he was hated by his siblings, thrown into a pit to die, sold into slavery, falsely accused of sexual misconduct, and thrown into prison. despite all this, he was not only able to succeed in life but he was able to forgive his brothers. the torah and the bible can also serve to provide inspiration in the most difficult of times.

be well!!

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