Game Theory: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

email scammers often have grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. these are intentional. they know smart people will not fall for their ridiculous proposals. those responding to the scams are the less bright people. the ones more likely to fall for the scam. absurdity can serve a purpose.

a pitt university phd gathered both headlines and derision when he essentially, based upon himself, an expert, declared in a lecture that male and female bone structures were the same.

i wondered whether his radical declaration of sameness conflicted the radical thinking of the multitude of gender. i realized that sameness and the multitude play a role in the game. he can control the many by controlling the one. by defining the one, he can define the many. within the many, he can assign the oppressed and the oppressors. the game is an instrument of division.

thus, contrary to those who thought poorly of this pitt university professor, right now, i declare him as BRILLIANT!

why? as of this moment, i went onto the university of pitt website. i looked at the news releases from their medical school. there was no condemnation of the phd’s assertion. despite the biology of the statement being wrong, and the fact that men and women have different health concerns with their bones, the dangerous dissemination of medically inaccurate information from an expert at the university does not alarm them. likewise, the pitt’s public health news releases does not make a condemnation.

the reality is that he is BRILLIANT and he is CORRECT in the eyes of the entire pitt university. he will remain so until someone has the courage to call out his game. if the university does not take action on the matter, as far as pitt academia, he is the leader of their educational program. likewise, every student in his class who wishes their school not to be recognized as one which teaches propaganda should drop the class and demand that the university exact justice with respect to this academic malpractice and scheme to indoctrinate.

in sum, he is no fool.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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